Jesus Christ – Savior of the Universe with Author Phill Wright

Oct 06
Jesus Christ Savior of the Universe webinar Phill Wright

Through Jesus Christ, Heavenly Father Created worlds without number.  He gave each world the Plan of Salvation, and Jehovah became the Savior and Redeemer of ALL mankind in every world He created.

From Sunday, October 23rd, please enjoy this webinar with out of this world author Phill Wright, presenting on “Jesus Christ – Savior of the Universe.” Why is Phill uniquely qualified to present on this subject? Read his bio below. :)

BIO of Phillip C. Wright

On December 10th of this year, Phill will be married to his sweetheart Shaun McKinney Wright for forty years. They are the parents of seven children and 14 grandchildren. He is active in his Church, where he serves as a Stake Patriarch.

Phill was Born in California and raised mostly in Georgia. Moving over twenty times growing up allowed him to meet many interesting people and have many unique experiences throughout the country.

He is a marketing consultant and the author of several books. Phill has also worked in television and radio as a writer, director, producer, and on-camera talent.

In 2012 he wrote his first novel, Not Without Mercy, The Black Death, the story of a family that survived the Black Plague of 1348 in Bristol, England. Two years later, he released book two in the series, The Passage Home.

In 2018 while doing research for another book, his notes became the source for his book, Man Against Messiah, The Sanhedrin Plot Against Jesus. This non-fiction book reveals the actual men who conspired to condemn and crucify the Savior.

In March of this year, to a crowd of nearly a thousand at the Layton Christian Academy for his book launch party, he released his newest book, RETURN FROM RYSA, co-authored by his friend Richard Nelson. Two other friends and accomplished authors spoke at the event, NY Times Best-Selling Author Brandon Mull of the Fablehaven series and Michael Rush, LDS author of A Remnant Shall Return, that discussed the Ezra’s Eagle prophecy. Brandon and Michael provided great insight and help during the writing process of Return From Rysa.

Phill’s life experience has allowed him to speak to large groups of people around the country on politics, religion, the paranormal, and future events.

Return From Rysa, became an instant best-seller, shooting to number one in its category on Amazon. The book was written as a Religious-Fantasy-Fiction that teaches the Plan of Salvation from a benevolent alien race perspective. He wrote the book to reach out to the many millennials who are leaving the Church and to help unite Christians and Ancient alien believers to discover that God created worlds without number, and he placed his children on all those worlds. This Earth is where the Son of God was born, brought the Gospel, was crucified, and resurrected for ALL of God’s children on worlds without number.

His favorite quote: “Never give up what you want most for what you want at the moment.”





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