Kerry Muhlestein – A Primer on Egyptian Religion, how it Parallels LDS Beliefs and Temples

Feb 06
Kerry Muhlestein - A Primer on Egyptian Religion, how it parallels LDS Beliefs and Temples

Enjoy this interview with Kerry Muhlestine on a fascinating look into some basic elements of Egyptian religious thought, paralleled by a look into modern day religious thought. Then we will touch on parallels with LDS temples, and finally we will look at how it helps us understand the purpose of Christ’s atoning sacrifice.

Bio: Kerry Muhlestein is a Professor of Ancient Scripture at BYU. He has a PhD in Egyptology from UCLA. He is the director of the BYU Egypt Excavation Project. He is also the author of scores of academic articles and ten books, including a book on an aspect of Egyptian Religious thought, and one on Isaiah with a special emphasis on Isaiah in the Book of Mormon, and a new book on Easter in light of the covenant, which discusses things that are similar to what we will talk about today. He is the creator and host of The Scriptures Are Real Podcast. He has six wonderful children and one wonderful grandson.


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  • Marian says:

    I would love to hear Kerry Muhlstein’s webinar on Tuesday Feb 13 at 7pm – but it is scheduled on the night of a BYU basketball game to which I have season tickets. Really a bad time for me. I wish you would record your webinar’s so those who can’t make the live webinar can listen to it at their convenience.

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