Leading Saints Interview on Preparing Sacrament Meeting Talks

Jan 14
Leading Saints How to Prepare a Church Talk Interview

Kurt Francom of Leading Saints podcast interviewed me this past week and I had the opportunity to show how to research to prepare a talk using Scripture Notes. You can watch the video on this page or directly on Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/live/qVRKqWJ5u4s?si=_2Cb9JdQUHj2nMLG). This would be a great video to share with others to see the power of Scripture Notes in researching the scriptures. If you aren’t using Scripture Notes yourself yet, this video can help you see the powerful ways it helps you dig into the scriptures.



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Oak Norton - Just trying to share a love of the scriptures with others.

  • Brian says:

    An excellent presesntation! I facebook messengered to my son Derek (you pointed out the Hebrew meaning). And also shared it on my public feed.

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