Nephite Glasses: Learn to See the Book of Mormon Text as Nephi Intended

Dec 26
Nephite Glasses - Learn to See the Book of Mormon as Nephi Intended - Dave Butler

The Book of Mormon is a text written by temple visionaries and intended to be read by temple visionaries. In this webinar with Dave Butler, come learn an important key for connecting what the Book of Mormon prophets wrote to your own temple experience in order to expand your understanding of the ancient record.

Powerpoint slides from the presentation: Nephite Glasses by Dave Butler

Dave Butler has been a lawyer, a consultant, a corporate trainer, a registered investment banking representative, and an editor for two different science fiction publishers. He has eighteen published novels (for adults, he publishes fiction as D.J. Butler, and LDS books as D. John Butler) and is currently a founder and managing partner at a training design company, where his title is “Monk.” He plays guitar and banjo whenever he can, and hangs out in Utah with his wife, their children, and the family dog. With respect to ancient-world scholarship, he has no formal qualifications whatsoever.



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