Scriptural Rabbit Holes


Rabbit Hole

Going Down the Rabbit Hole

As one begins a study of the scriptures, there is a phrase that I think describes the experience very well. “Going down the rabbit hole.” This is an allusion to the classic work “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll. In essence, the meaning is to enter an unknown world on a journey.

When you take up a study of the scriptures, we all start in a period that requires foundation laying. We have to learn what the major works of scripture are and what books they contain. We have to put up some framing and understand a little about the authors of the books. Then we need to put on walls and a roof and come to understand the stories they contain. Once we have the house framed and boarded, and we begin a serious examination of the house, we soon discover it seems to have been made of magical components.

New Discoveries

A section of wall might open in the moment we are examining it and reveal a secret passage to another part of the house. We might enter into the dining area and suddenly discover our table settings for two now contain an enlarged table with a seven-course meal fit for a neighborhood. We might open the attic door to find ourselves staring into the cosmos and gazing upon the secrets of the universe. Or truly stepping through the wardrobe into a whole new world.

This is going down the rabbit hole, where the rabbit is the Spirit of the Lord. We think we understand the house, until we see things in a whole new way. The familiar becomes unfamiliar, and the unfamiliar soon becomes familiar. Those who never explore the house and look closely, don’t see what an incredible job the carpenter did in constructing it. Yet he’s so willing to guide us through the house, room by room revealing the secrets of this home, till we finally realize, this home is truly a mansion, and he’s given us the keys to come any time we desire.

Magical looking cottage

Each reading of the scriptures can reveal things we didn’t see the last time we read them. The same passages we’ve read a hundred times suddenly take on new meaning because of a new truth we discovered. A single word that stands out to us while reading a chapter, may, upon close examination, take us on a marvelous journey of exploration into a world we didn’t know existed.

Worlds of knowledge can open up to us that edify and enlarge our hearts. We discover Wonder-land really exists, but where the King is kind, the friends we meet are the very best of all friends, and we cherish every moment we enjoy in this realm.


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