Tutorial 5: Advanced Search


tutorial 5 advanced search

Scripture Notes Tutorial Day 5: Stories and Narrowed Searches

Today’s lesson will be on using the advanced search pane and you’ll be journaling a personal experience into a collection note to help facilitate this. Scripture Notes has a great way to store all your stories and be able to search for them when you need to share them in a talk.

Think of a personal experience you’ve had in your life that has meaning to you. Perhaps it’s something you’ve already shared in a talk or presentation you’ve delivered. I’m going to share one of my stories with you as an example, and if you need to, you are welcome to just copy/paste my story into your scripture notes app and follow what I do just to see how these features work. You can put other people’s stories into your notes as you come across them. You may find a General Conference talk or see what someone shared on Facebook and store it for later recall if it has significant meaning to you.

So whatever story you have, try to find a scripture that matches it and mimic what I do but with your own story and verses (unless you’re just copying mine for this one).

Run and Not be Weary

My story is from my teenage years and relates to the Word of Wisdom and the phrase “run and not be weary.” Open a search pane and do a search for “run and weary” without quote marks so it picks up all the verses that contain both of these words, and not an exact search for the phrase. Or if you have your own scriptures that relates to your experience, find them.

Three results show up for my search, but for my purposes, I’m not interested in the Jeremiah 12:5 reference, so I removed it from my results.

I then create a collection note with the remaining two verses.

In the new collection note window, click on Category and check the box for personal experience. I will also check the boxes for Audio, and Article, because as you’ll see below, I pasted a link to another website’s article and it actually contains the audio of Creed Haymond’s story, a young LDS track runner who had a great experience learning about the power of the Word of Wisdom principles. I title this note “My cross-country track experience” and give it the following tags: “Word of Wisdom” and “Sports Story”. This is my story.

My Incredible(-ly short) Track Career

In 9th or 10th grade I had a desire to be on the school track team. I tried pole vaulting but didn’t have the stomach muscles for it, tried sprinting but wasn’t fast enough just starting out to compete with the fast runners, and then had this amazing thought occur to me that I lived the code of health found in the Word of Wisdom and was entitled to the blessings it offers, particularly the one that says we will “run and not be weary, and walk and not faint.” That inspired me to join the cross-country track team thinking it would be instant success. I knew a couple of the boys on the team and thought this would be a great experience, and maybe I thought the Lord would bless me as he had other LDS athletes like Creed Haymond (http://www.templestudy.com/2013/04/13/creed-haymond-story-word-wisdom-words/).

The first day we went on a 4-5 mile run starting from the school and running North through neighborhoods, over a golf course, into the downtown area of my home town, and finally circling back to the high school. The entire run I felt great even though I’d never run a mile all at one time up to that point in my life. I was a soccer player who loved to play but never trained to be in great running shape.

After the run, one of my friends congratulated me that I’d been able to stay with the team during the run. I felt pretty good and my confidence was high that the Lord had blessed me. I went home that night feeling great, confident in my faith, and went to bed.

The next morning I awoke and was excited to get up. I told my legs to swing out of bed like I always did, but they refused to move. I could not bend either of my legs. At all. They were completely locked straight and I discovered that moving anything from my waist down was very painful. Every muscle was inflexible. I slowly sat up and using my hands, gently swung one leg over the edge of the bed and then the other. I very slowly waddled my way around and after several minutes of painful use, tried putting my pants on. That was fun trying to loop the pant leg over my feet when my knees wouldn’t bend. Eventually I succeeded in getting my pants on and was ready for school. My vision of being a great cross-country track star ended that morning and I reflected on what I learned.

1) If it was ever necessary, the Lord could bless me to run and not be weary. 🙂

2) Without preparation (or a divine mandate), I had no hope of being an immediate success as a long distance runner solely relying on a scriptural promise. 🙂 It’s like Oliver Cowdery’s experience translating when the Lord said in D&C 9:7 “Behold, you have not understood; you have supposed that I would give it unto you, when you took no thought save it was to ask me.”

One doesn’t become the Brother of Jared overnight. It requires preparation and commitment, yet a person can receive treasures of knowledge and God’s wisdom given to him to prepare for those greater experiences.

Advanced Searches

That’s the end of my experience. Since I included D&C 9:7 as a related verse, I now open that in a reading pane and drag it to the collection note and save it there. Now open a search pane and look at the other options besides the scriptures.

advanced searches

Besides searching the scriptures, you can perform searches for your verse notes, footnotes, and master collection notes.

Clicking on each of these items will select it and let you do a search within those items.

So if I want to find a basic verse note that I’m sure I put in the Doctrine and Covenants or Book of Mormon, I would check verse notes, and check the boxes by those two works in the filter list below and perform a search for the term I want to find.

verse note search with filters

If I wanted to find a collection note, since they can contain scriptures from anywhere in the library, my search term only searches the collection’s master note.

So if I wanted to find the story I just entered into my collection notes, I would click Master CN, and then check the personal experience box and search for some term from the experience like “track.”

master collection note search

You could also limit the search by a tag in the box at the bottom if you know what tag it’s in, although you could easily go to the tag tree and look there for the CN under its tag like “Sports Story.”

One last thing… When doing a search, you have options to make them more powerful. Check out these advanced search options on our search cheat sheet page (also found on our site menu under FAQ).

Tutorial 5: Advanced Search

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