Why we know the Exodus really happened, and how to store it in Scripture Notes

Aug 20
Why we know the Exodus happened and how to store it in Scripture Notes

So I watched this cool short video on Youtube touching on 2 remarkable ideas that help prove the Exodus happened.

  1.  The tabernacle of Moses was patterned after the tabernacle of the Egyptians with one important difference, instead of a visible idol between the 2 cherubim, there was an empty mercy seat. This is evidence God was using the cultural symbols the Israelites were familiar with to teach them God is not made with hands.
  2. Prior to the Exodus, the Egyptians were involved in treaties, covenants, and a constitution which Moses would have been educated in understanding, which looks a lot like the book of Deuteronomy, giving indirect evidence that Moses was seeking to replicate these things with Jehovah’s people.


I wanted to store it in Scripture Notes so here’s what I did and how you can do this with any outside content you can link to.

  1. Get the content link. Whether it’s to Youtube, Dropbox, or something else, find as permanent a place as you can where the content will stay and get a link to it. In this case, the video link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PW-VB9HNnzg.
  2. How do you link to relevant scriptures? Well, in this case, I had 2 things I want to link to. The video is specifically talking about the ark of the covenant, and then the book of Deuteronomy.

Each of these links will be different.

To link to the relevant verses, I need to find verses that talk about the mercy seat, or the cherubim on the ark of the covenant

"mercy seat" or cherub* or (ark +covenant)

This is a great search as it illustrates combining 3 different search techniques into a single search.

  • “mercy seat” is an exact match
  • Cherub* is a wildcard search finding Cherub with any ending after those 6 characters
  • (Ark +covenant) finds all verses with both those words

There are 294 verses/paragraphs in the current build of Scripture Notes that this search query will find in both scriptural and apocryphal writings. I click “Create CN” to create a Collection Note.

I name the collection note: “Proof of the Exodus, Ark of the Covenant, Constitution of Israel”

Then I open up Study Helps in the Scripture Notes library, click All, and search for “ark,” I will find “Ark of the Covenant” in both the Topical Guide (TG) and Bible Dictionary (BD) there are 37 and 193 results respectively. In the BD, it contains a lot more verses than the ones that only mention the items I searched for because it links to entire story sections on the Ark of the Covenant.

For me, I’m going to ignore the BD verse results because there’s a lot of extraneous verses I don’t want included. However, from the TG entries, I create another collection note and then bulk move those into the collection note created above.

That took the 294 verses up to 314 in this collection. This is OK with me because I’m not looking to actually study these verses. I just want a fast way to get back to this video in the future from any verse that is tied to the ark of the covenant.

I did skim the BD entry and saw another name for the ark of the covenant is “ark of the testimony” so I do an exact match search for it and found 24 more verses which I bulk moved into the collection taking it up to 326.

There are definitely some verses that need to be removed in this. For starters, I could remove references in Genesis to cherubim in the garden of Eden, as well as references in Ezekiel from visions he had that didn’t pertain to the ark.

Now the second link I want to make I’m just going to put into the header of Deuteronomy chapter 1. I’m going to put a short note explaining what I did above, and then link to the video url.

That’s it. If any of this didn’t make sense, watch this quick video demonstrating how to do this. Video:




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