Avraham Gileadi on the Eclipse and the Reversal of Circumstances

Mar 15
Avraham Gileadi on Eclipse and the Reversal of Circumstances

Here is the webinar replay with Avraham Gileadi from 3/17/2024. A variety of topics were covered. After the event, I stuck around and showed people a demo of Scripture Notes which I’ve included below for those who requested I post it as well.


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  • Jorgina Hancock says:

    Thank you for bringing Mr Gileadi on your program. However, may I suggest that you have your questions well prepared; short and precise and actually let Mr gileadi speak? Your questions take 5 to 10 minutes and it’s so much information it’s difficult for your speaker to break them down and how to answer. So again please make your questions very pointed and brief.

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