Jonathan Neville – Restoring Translation to the Restoration

Jun 23
Jonathan Neville Restoring Translation to the Restoration

In recent years, a group of LDS historians has revived the old idea that Joseph Smith produced the Book of Mormon by reading words that appeared on a stone in the hat (SITH). SITH was described in the 1834 book Mormonism Unvailed, a book that Joseph Smith denounced. In response, on multiple occasions Joseph and Oliver explained that Joseph translated the plates with the Urim and Thummim–the Nephite interpreters–that came with the plates. In this presentation, we will review the scriptural and historical evidence that supports and corroborates what Joseph and Oliver said, discuss why the historians are changing the narrative, and propose a method of translation that resolves claims by critics.

Bio: Jonathan Neville is a retired lawyer, educator, and businessman who has written dozens of books, including 10 on aspects of Restoration history and the Book of Mormon. His work has brought a new perspective on the reality of the plates, the translation, and the historicity of the Book of Mormon.

Jonathan’s interest in antiquity started when he was a teenager. His family was visiting Athens, Greece, when his father explained they were standing on the same Mars hill where the Apostle Paul spoke as recorded in Acts. Since then, Jonathan has explored ancient sites around the world. His international business and other interests took him to every continent and over 60 countries He has lived in France, Germany, Mauritius (Africa), the Philippines, and China. He and his wife live on the Oregon coast where he is now a full-time artist.

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