Kris Kimball on Traditions of Christ in Ancient Britain

May 29
Kris Kimball Traditions of Christ in Ancient Britain

What happened to Jesus between the ages of 12-30? The Bible is silent on this time frame, but other sources record possible travels of Christ. What do we know from traditions, including the most persistent one that Jesus was in Ancient Britain. We will also look at other traditions of Jesus and what happened to his family after he was crucified.

Bio: Kris Kimball is married with 3 adult children and 6 grandchildren. Kris studied at Utah State University, the University of Utah and at Cambridge University. She is co-host of the “Liberty Mom Podcast” part of the Loving Liberty Radio Network. Kris is also a guest panelist on “Inside Utah Politics” on

Additionally, she is the former President of the United Women’s Forum and former Board Member of the Thomas Jefferson Center for Constitutional Studies. Kris loves to travel, seek truth and to explore history in person. She has spent the last 7 years studying ancient history, ancient religion and the Egyptian Hermetic Traditions. She and her husband Dave reside in Salt Lake City, Utah. Legacy Tours and Travel, LLC a partnership of Mark and Jill Clifford and Kris Kimball. Travel with Kris this year to England in the spring and Egypt in the Fall.

Additional Books with Research about Christ in Ancient Britain

  • Drama of the Lost Disciples; Jowett
  • Traditions of Glastonbury; Capt
  • The Templars and the Grail; Karen Ralls
  • Glastonbury. Myth and Archeology; Ratz and Watts The Star Temple of Avalon; Mann and Glasson
  • The Isle of Avalon; Mann
  • In the Isles of the Sea; William Walker

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