New Feature – Custom Verse Markup for Collection Notes

May 29
Custom Verse Markup for Collection Notes

This week we have released a new feature for custom markup on collection notes. People love to mark up their scriptures and now with this feature, you can get a blank slate every time you want to study a topic so you can do something unique for that topic without overwriting your regular verse markup. This will also come in handy for an upcoming feature where you will be able to share your collection notes with others. Someone that wants to import your note won’t want to bring in your base markup on verses and overwrite what they have, so the markup that will get shared is the custom markup. That way any number of markup plans can exist for a verse that is part of multiple collection notes. Check it out in this video or read below. [VIDEO]


I mentioned another video on coming up with your own verse markup plan. Here’s a link to it if you want to watch that one. [VIDEO]


To use custom markup, just click the “CM” text at the top of a collection note.

custom markup 1

After clicking, note the change in the “CM” text to have a dark blue background, and the blue border around the collection note.

This helps you to easily identify when your regular verse markup is hidden and the custom verse markup mode is active.

You can also see I have different verse markup specific to this collection note.

Custom markup 2

Why is this beneficial?

If you’re new to Scripture Notes, you might not have a marking system for how you want to mark stuff up. Or maybe you have one, but haven’t applied it to all the scriptures yet. But once you do, you don’t want to mess with your marking scheme to highlight different content within a collection note set of verses.

With this feature, you can turn on custom marking and it’s like having a blank slate to allow you to do very specific marking for a set of verses on a topic. This markup won’t be visible in regular browsing of the scriptures, but only in this collection note.

This week we will add a “persistent” flag to collection notes so if you toggle a collection note to use custom markup, it will always open that way, but if you turn it off or didn’t turn it on to begin with, it will remember to open in regular markup mode the next time you open it up.

Eventually, we will have versioning for your main scriptures as well if people choose to switch to a “different set,” but this feature should provide some instant help for scripture students that want to put a fresh set of eyes on verses.

Please leave your feedback on this feature below. I’d love to hear what you think about it.


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