A Letter from Christ

May 21
Ancient library documents

When we think about the life of Christ, do we put him into a New Testament textual “box” such that he couldn’t have done anything other than what we read about?

We know John said if all the things Jesus did were written it would fill the books of the world. Small writings in the gospels as those authors were writing to a specific audience about Christ’s life don’t even begin to cover the breadth and depth of his life and ministry.

By age 12 we know he was completely focused on doing his Father in heaven’s will.

What if there were more documents that were written about Christ?

What if there were documents written BY Christ?

A couple years ago I was introduced to some audio files that were really fascinating to listen to. An individual named Glenn Kimball gave a very different take on the nativity story. I’m not saying his version was true, but listening to some of his stories was fascinating.

He claimed there were 5 million documents about Christ in various cultures of the world. He claimed that after Joseph (Christ’s earthly father) died, that Joseph of Arimathaea, his uncle, took him on trade journeys all over the world, from Britain to India, to China.

Those cultures have records where Glenn saw evidence of Christ’s teachings.

Unfortunately, Glenn passed away several years ago and his website went offline which housed much of his research. However, while listening to one of his audio files I found on YouTube, he referenced a letter written by Christ in response to a letter from another king. Immediately I thought, “of course Christ wrote letters to people. Why have I never thought of that?”

Then he mentioned the book this letter was in. He said it was in “The Lost Books of the Bible.”

I glanced to my side where I have a small bookshelf on my desk and saw the title. I had brought it back from my parent’s home some time ago but hadn’t cracked it open.

I immediately opened it up and scanning the table of contents saw a chapter called, “The Epistles of Jesus Christ and Abgarus King of Edessa.”

I opened to it and read the short correspondence. It rings true to me. I can only imagine how many other fragments from history have been lost, but I am working to add what I can to Scripture Notes.

This past week I have added the following resources:

  • The Forgotten Books of Eden (Old Testament apocryphal writings)
  • The Lost Books of the Bible (New Testament apocryphal writings)
  • The Ascension of Isaiah (in the heading Apocryphal Writings)

You can now access these in the Scripture Notes library if you are a pro member by clicking the manage button at the top and checking the boxes for these books.

There are many more cool things to read in these books. I have not read everything in these, but as I was preparing them for release, I got caught up in reading some of them and I saw definite parallels to the standard works of scripture, while in some other instances, I was very skeptical of the content.

I recommend you read the preface and introduction to these books. They were published about 100 years ago and the authors/translators note that these documents were definitely of an ancient origin and preserved from very early writings. That doesn’t make them accurate, but as contemporary documents they have value for what was being transmitted at the time.

Here are the contents of the first 2 books.

Forgotten Books of Eden

Lost Books of the Bible


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