How to Teach from the Scriptures Using Scripture Notes

Apr 16
How to teach from the scriptures using Scripture Notes

Are you a teacher? Do you want a slick way to reference both your notes and the scriptures while you’re teaching your class? With Scripture Notes you can teach from a laptop, tablet, mobile device, or print out your lesson. Here’s how.

Watch it in action (visit article page):

Read it:

1) Create and save a collection note

Create a CN from a lesson verse

2) Bulk add all the verses to it that you want to teach from

Bulk move verses into the collection note

3) Put your lesson outline in the master note at the top and save it

Add lesson content in the master note

4a) Teach from your laptop or tablet computer

4b) Teach from our app on your mobile device

4c) Click the print report button at the top of the collection note pane to print out your lesson outline with verses and notes below it.


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