17 Missions of the Holy Ghost

Apr 09
17 missions of the Holy Ghost

While preparing a presentation for an upcoming conference, I had an experience that led me to study the Topical Guide entry for “Holy Ghost, Missions of” and I wanted to share it because it really surprised me. I had no real comprehension for how broad a mission the Holy Ghost has in this world and eternity, and I’d guess this only scratches the surface of what the Holy Ghost does and how it operates.

Here is a copy of my notes. As mentioned in the video, there are different ways people may organize these things, but this was how I did it.

“I have an old edition of the New Testament in the Latin, Hebrew, German and Greek languages… I thank God that I have got this old book; but I thank him more for the gift of the Holy Ghost. I have got the oldest book in the world; but I have got the oldest book in my heart, even the gift of the Holy Ghost. … The Holy Ghost…is within me, and comprehends more than all the world; and I will associate myself with him.” (Joseph Smith, History of the Church, 6:307-8)

Why would we want the constant companionship of the Spirit?

What is the mission of the Holy Ghost? 17 broad categories

  1. Is a witness and testator
    1. Is a witness of God’s covenant promises (Heb. 10:15; 2 Nep. 31:18)
    2. Is a witness of the entire atonement (Acts 5:32)
  2. Brings Testimony
    1. Testifies of Christ (John 15:26; 1 John 5:6)
    2. Testifies of the Father (Moses 7:11) and the Son (3 Nep. 28:11)
    3. Bring knowledge and fear of the Lord (Isa. 11:3)
  3. Changes Us
    1. Sanctifies individuals who come unto Christ (3 Nep. 27:20)
    2. When we seek Jesus, the grace of the Godhead abides in us (Ether 12:41)
    3. Quickens us (Moses 6:65)
    4. Provides the baptism the Holy Ghost (John 3:5; 2 Nep. 31:17; Moses 6:65; D&C 39:6)
    5. Reproves (convicts) us of our sins (John 16:8)
    6. Pricks our conscience to take action (Acts 2:37)
    7. Renews us (Titus 3:5)
    8. Receives of Christ’s glory and imparts it to us (sacred knowledge and light) (John 16:14)
  4. Comforter
    1. The Holy Ghost is the Comforter (John 14:26)
    2. Dwells in our heart as our companion (D&C 8:2)
    3. Sheds forth the love of God in its role as comforter (Rom. 5:5)
    4. Can be our constant companion (D&C 121:46)
  5. Direction
    1. Directs our words and gives us knowledge of others’ thoughts (Eze. 11:5)
    2. Helps us walk in the statutes of the Lord (Eze. 36:27)
    3. Leads us where we need to go (Luke 4:1)
    4. Guides us to all truth from the Father (John 16:13; Jacob 4:13; Moroni 10:4-7)
    5. Gives commandments (Acts 1:2)
    6. Is our guide. Leads us to do good, walk humbly, judge righteously (D&C 11:12; D&C 45:57)
    7. Moves us to correct others in clear and loving ways (D&C 121:43)
  6. Fills with Power
    1. Bring counsel and might (Isa. 11:3)
    2. Fills with power (Mic. 3:8)
  7. Gifts of the Spirit (all these things are truly gifts of the Spirit)
    1. Incredibly enhanced discernment. The mind experiences Godlike awareness. (Moses 1:27)
    2. Brings “fruits” into our lives of love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance (Gal. 5:22-23; Mosiah 4:3). IE. Evidence of constant companionship.
    3. Gives prophecy (Acts 1:16; Acts 28:25)
    4. Teleports people and can act with physical power (1 Nep. 11:1; Moses 6:64)
    5. Brings gifts of the spirit to individuals (D&C 20:27)
  8. Brings forth scripture
    1. The ability to write by the spirit of inspiration. (Moses 6:5)
    2. When moved upon by the Holy Ghost, what we speak is scripture and the will, mind, word, and voice of the Lord, and power of God unto salvation (D&C 68:4)
  9. Holy Spirit of Promise
    1. Special role to seal up the faithful to eternal life (D&C 76:53; D&C 132:7)
  10. Ministry Work
    1. Bring proper judgment directed by the spirit, not with our mortal eyes and ears (Isa. 11:4; Matt. 12:18)
    2. In the absence of a literal descendant of Aaron, the Holy Ghost brings the ministry of temporal things to Melchizedek High Priests (D&C 107:71)
  11. Mission, Gentiles
    1. The Holy Ghost is the manifestation of the Godhead to Gentiles until it changes them and prepares them for a manifestation of Christ. (3 Nep. 15:23)
    2. The mission of the Holy Ghost to the Gentiles brought about the scattering of the house of Israel (3 Nep. 20:27)
  12. Mission, Individuals
    1. Appoints individuals to missions (D&C 72:24)
    2. Directs us on personal missions (1 Nep. 13:12; 2 Nep. 32:5) (we are “wrought upon” and motivated to certain action)
  13. Mission, National/Global
    1. Works upon leaders of nations to accomplish the Lord’s will upon that nation (1 Sam. 16:13)
    2. Inspire prophets to warn the people (Neh. 9:30)
    3. Communicates God’s commandments to his servants (Acts 1:2)
  14. Mission, Telestial Kingdom
    1. Directs the work of ministry to inheritors of the Telestial kingdom (D&C 76:86)
  15. Prayer
    1. If we ask in the Spirit, we HAVE the petitions we desired (1 John 5:14-15)
    2. Assists us in prayer to get the words out of our hearts that we cannot otherwise speak (Rom. 8:27; D&C 46:30)
  16. Preaching
    1. Carries the spoken word into the hearts of people (2 Nephi 33:1)
    2. Confounds enemies of truth (Jacob 7:8; Alma 12:3)
    3. Assists us when we preach (1 Pet. 1:12; 2 Peter 1:21; D&C 14:8)
    4. Makes plain (manifests) to people the mission of the Messiah (1 Nep. 10:11; 2 Nep. 26:13; Jacob 7:12)
    5. Moves prophets to testify to the people (Neh. 9:30)
    6. Inform you with what to say in the moment (Mark 13:11; Luke 12:12)
    7. Only preaching by the Spirit is of God (D&C 50:17-18) Why? 2 Nephi 33:1
    8. Is the teacher when we teach (D&C 42:14)
  17. Revelator and teacher
    1. Is a revelator of the deep things of God (1 Cor. 2:10)
    2. The Spirit is a revelator (1 Cor. 2:10; Alma 5:46 “fasted and prayed many days that I might know”)
    3. Manifests and reveals all things (D&C 39:6; Moses 8:24)
    4. Brings all things to our remembrance (John 14:26)
    5. Bring quick understanding (Isa. 11:4; D&C 6:15)
    6. Bring wisdom and understanding (Isa. 11:3)
    7. Show us things to come (John 16:13)
    8. Shows us all things (D&C 39:6)
    9. Instruct us (Neh. 9:20)
    10. Teaches us all things (John 14:26; 1 Cor. 2:13)

How do we obtain the Spirit? By the prayer of faith (D&C 42:14) (and obedience).


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