Michael Rush – How I Research the Scriptures to Write

Jan 28
Webinar with Michael Rush


Don’t miss this webinar with best selling author Michael Rush as he shares some of the careful and insightful ways he researches the scriptures in order to write powerful and thought-provoking books. If you’ve read any of Michael’s books, you know you’re in for a treat.

Be sure to listen till the last seconds as he clarifies something right at the end that ties into things he mentioned earlier in the interview.

If you haven’t read any of Michael’s books, they are available on his website at TheLost10Tribes.com, or on Amazon.

Michael B. Rush was the first LDS scholar to accurately decipher the prophetic writings of Ezra now known as Ezra’s Eagle (found in 2 Esdras 10-12 in the Apocrypha).  His original analysis has been studied by students of the scriptures in over 130 countries worldwide, and is included in his first book – A Remnant Shall Return, first published in 2015. Since then, there have been tens of thousands of articles, blogs, posts, and books that have been written based upon Michael’s original work.

In addition to A Remnant Shall Return, Michael has written three other ground breaking books –  Daniel 11; Revelation – The Vision of John the Divine; and Delight in Plainness.  Michael is a top 10 best selling author in his respective genre. His books speak for themselves.

Some of the books Michael mentioned in the interview are below in the Amazon links. In the future I hope to add many of these books to Scripture Notes so they can be studied and searched just like canonized scriptures.

You can access many ancient texts for free on these websites:
http://www.pseudepigrapha.com/ (LDS site owner)

You can also have many ancient texts read to you for free from Youtube videos.


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    I have only been using ScriptureNotes.com for a few weeks and I have boosted my scripture study tremendously. I love that I can write my own thoughts and insights about each verse and that I can gain a better understanding of the meaning of the words used in the scriptures through an easy access to 1828. I am looking forward to learning more ways to enhance my study of the scriptures.

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    I wasn’t able to watch the Michael B Rush video, but when I signed up it said it would be recorded. How can I watch it?

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